Damon KIlmartin

"I'm not Mexican..."


damonhighschool.jpgDamon in high school.

damonprospect1.jpgDamon as a Prospect for Bandidos MC.

Sons-of-Anarchy-Juice.jpgDamon as a full patched member of the Bandidos MC.


Honkey in the Woodpile


                Life can be interesting if you’re a three quarters Puerto Rican with an Irish name growing up in a small town like Cooper, TX.  It wasn’t bad for Damon until High School.  A gifted runner, he was a star on the track team, but that didn’t matter.  This was Texas.  If you weren’t on the High School Football team, you were a nobody.  He was constantly pressured by the coach to sign on as a Wide Receiver, but Damon’s mother wouldn’t allow it.  That’s when the Mexican jokes started.  The redneck jocks were too stupid to even get their racism right.


                Late in his freshman year, the worst of it occurred in the boys’ locker room, where the Football team had cornered him.  Not one to back down from a fight, Damon’s Puerto Rican/Irish temper got the best of him, as did the football team.  Unfortunately, 1 versus 10 isn’t good odds.  Before he could be severely beaten, however, one player came to his defense; Dusty.  2 against 10 still isn’t exactly a level playing field, but it was nice to have a friend to get his butt kicked with him.  Their friendship, and the clique Damon fell in with (Dusty, Damon, Vik, Carrie, and Bryan), lasted for the rest of their high school years.


                Then Carrie disappeared.


                Carrie’s disappearance, and presumed murder, affected Damon a lot deeper than he let on to his friends.  The icing on the cake was Bryan leaving town, too.  After graduating, Damon wanted nothing more to do with Cooper, Texas.  Scraping together what money he could, he bought an old Harley Sportster 883 and blazed a trail to San Antonio, hoping to never look back.


                Damon found work in San Antonio at a motorcycle repair shop.  His skill with fixing bikes, as well as some side jobs as a locksmith quickly grabbed the attention of the resident 1% Motorcycle Club, the Bandidos.  Having repaired many of their bikes, and hanging out with them in his off hours, he’d been considered a club Hang-around for quite some time.  Longing for the same kinship and camaraderie he had in his high school days, he jumped at the chance to become a Prospect for the club.


                During his time as a Prospect for the MC, Damon switched jobs to work for the club-owned Vehicle Repossession firm, Rogers Reclamation, Inc.  While on the books Rogers appeared to be a legitimate company, this was actually a front for the MC’s less than legal practice of lifting cars and fencing them to chop shops for black market parts sales.


                It was on one of these jobs that Damon was pinched in a sting operation, and his fraudulent repo paperwork was proven to be phony.  Despite having a good, Club retained defense attorney, young Damon was found guilty and earned himself a 5 year stretch in the Crossbar Motel in Huntsville, TX for Grand Theft Auto.  However, at no point during his questioning or trial did he implicate the MC or Rogers Reclamation.  He stated he acted on his own accord, and forged his own documents using company letterhead.


                It was a long 5 years in Huntsville, but the Bandidos on the inside made sure nothing too terrible happened to him during his sentence (that means no butt lovin’).  He was still a Prospect, however, so the patched members were still obligated to make his stay less than easy.


                Upon Damon’s release, the club felt it was time to show its thanks for Damon’s unwavering loyalty to the Bandidos.  He took one for the club, doing a 5 year stretch without ratting out his brothers.  As a reward for his fidelity, Damon had earned his 3 piece patch and full member status in the Bandidos.  He was also gifted with a new Harley-Davidson Sportster 1200 Custom motorcycle.  He was also set up with a new job as a motorcycle mechanic at another one of the club’s businesses, Red Blooded Repair and Customs.


                Despite this windfall, however, things were not coming up roses for Damon Kilmartin.  He’d come to find out that during his time in prison, his mother died in a car accident, and his father became an alcoholic and died a year later in a house fire.  Although devastated by the news, with his parents gone and their house burned down, there was truly nothing left for him “back home”.


                It seemed fate had a different idea, though, when a wedding invitation came to his mailbox almost a decade later…

Damon KIlmartin

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