Dustin Caldwell

Average height coming in just over six feet. Brown hair. Clean cut. Overly serious expression all the time.


Dusty’s current iteration of his Scout.


Dusty’s concealed sidearm.



Growing up in Cooper, TX would make Dustin a familiar face with many. The eclectic crew that he ran with during his Junior High and High School years left a mark on the entire town.

Before he left, Dustin crafted a reputation of being quite the joker and always had a quick smile or laugh to break a moment of tension. His attitude was whimsical and he had a strict code of right and wrong that he applied to everyone. This application mostly came into play when he witnessed fellow football players taunting or picking on other kids for no good reason. It isn’t that Dustin was the biggest or the baddest (since he got his ass beat his share of times), but it was the conviction he displayed that tended to bring others into line. It isn’t as though he was a perfect kid or a law abiding citizen during his high school years, but he had a certain sense of justice that he couldn’t ignore.


Normally Dustin could be seen riding around in the ‘73 International Scout that his father gave him. The vehicle had been his father’s since it was purchased right off the line.


Dustin had wanted to get into the Air Force Academy out of highschool, but didn’t make the cut. Initially, he had planned on just getting a generic degree and playing football, then enlisting since he didn’t make the Academy, but after what happened to Carrie his focus changed. He found the best criminology school he could and put all efforts into getting into one of the top five. Luckily, the University of Maryland accepted his application and not long after graduation he was gone. Little was said to anyone, even his closest friends and he hasn’t come back to town until now…

Dustin Caldwell

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