Victoria Killebrew

Thin candy shell of tough filled with gooey feelings.


Victoria prefers to go by Vik as she is the only daughter, 3rd in line, in a family of 3 sons – Timothy (1975), Marcus (1978), and Adrian (1985) – and her dad always made sure she knew everything her brothers did from helping on the farm to hunting to fighting to defend herself. That isn’t to say Vik is a tomboy, though, just well rounded. So to speak.

Early on Vik loved moving around whether it was running or dancing or helping her daddy on the farm, much to her mother’s dismay. Momma Killebrew wanted her only daughter to be proper and girlish, something to be treasured and admired; admired from afar. The closest Vik came to being girlish was her fashion and love of dance. Momma Killebrew wasn’t the only family member Vik fought with. Her unbridled jealousy of Adrian, who stole her place and attention as the family’s baby, brought her to making his life as hard as she could without being under permanent grounding from her parents. Adrian learned that just crying didn’t garner help from Momma and Daddy for long, and ended up taking Vik’s lead to give right back not only to her, but to the whole family.


She took as many of the sparsely available dance classes in a small town as she could. Those classes and her delight in dance lead to her first dance audition in middle school for the school team which is where Vik and Carrie met for the first time. Carrie was even less proper than Vik; a bad influence according to Momma Killebrew, but Daddy Killebrew thought they were the cutest two girls together. It’s how they ended up getting away with so much in high school what with the fighting and being out all hours on a school night. The best friends ended up on the Cooper High drill team together, and Vik a back-up cheerleader on Carrie’s team. The two girls were rarely apart from each other, even during the times when they weren’t with the complete Bulldog 5.

The years with the Bulldog 5 were Vik’s favorite – these folks meant the world to her, they had a bond, something really special. But, Bryan’s seriousness would sometimes grate on Vik and so she would get back at him by picking on his paranoia and teasing him about his silly ideas. It helped her to be less worried about Carrie. And, she would occasionally lament about no boys being interested in her, particularly after a night at Webb’s. She would always try to get one of the boys to dance with her after a few beers. Heaven help an outside girl who came up to flirt with a Bulldog 5 guy because alcohol or no, Vik’s sharp tongue would make sure they understood in no uncertain terms they were not welcome. That caused more than a couple fights.

Then Carrie disappeared, right when their lives as adults were to begin. Bryan followed suit almost immediately after, just leaving on his own without a word. Vik turned quiet and clingy. She spent most of her time crying and trying fill her time being around her affectionately named Devil Twins as a way of holding on to the only life she knew. But they didn’t stick around either. Damon was around for only a few weeks after Carrie went missing, he sped off as soon as he acquired his bike, and Dusty wasn’t long behind heading off to college. Vik doesn’t remember much about that time so it was a good thing her plans had been put into motion before graduation.

Vik did what every young dancer does, head up to the Big Apple to dance with one of the big dance companies; maybe even get onto Broadway. It was a convenient coincidence it helped her get away from Cooper and being abandoned by her friends; if the dance academy hadn’t already accepted her for the fall term, she’d probably still be back at the ranch. Sadly, Vik never quite made it; a few small parts here and there, and once she even got to be an understudy for a lead yet never landed a regular gig. Vik didn’t want to lower herself to being the typical waitress in a dive just to survive so she went on to try her second calling. While she had a tough exterior it was really thin and anyone who spent more than an hour with her knew there was a large, soft interior that cared for people more than Vik ever admitted to, even to herself. So it was after the not so successful dance career than Vik went into nursing school and found she loved it more than she thought she would, and she was good at it. She was coming to the end of school and nearing graduation as the 15th year reunion of the class of ‘98 of Cooper High and Deana’s wedding drew near. A trip home would be the perfect break and treat before the ultimate goal of graduation happened. Seeing her Devil Twins again was going to be fun.


Victoria Killebrew

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