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  • Coach Bobby Vaughn

    Uncle to Logan and brother to Tim. He was the assistant coach when you were in high school and now he's the head coach. He knows the dirt on your school days and all the away games. He's likeable and never missed a day while searching for Carrie.

  • ZOMBIE Mitzlee Sellars

    Middle School for Mitzlee. !(media-item-align-none)//db4sgowjqfwig.cloudfront.net/assets/266590/mitzlee.jpg?1385410498(mitzlee.jpg)! The only child of the principal, Mr. Ben Sellars, and the school nurse, Mrs. Toni Sellars, Mitzlee always thought …

  • Lauren Spencer

    You sort of remember Lauren. She was that girl in 8th grade when you were a senior. The few times you were around her at the Moss' place, she was so shy she could barely talk. ESPECIALLY if Dusty spoke to her. The crush held epic status. Other than …

  • Molly Webb

    Who didn't know the Webb girls? I mean Macklyn, Megan, and Molly Webb (in that order) were legendary. Their dad, Murray, was the crazy guy that owned the bar outside of town. Their mom. Marjorie, showed up for every PTA meeting since kindergarten half …

  • Eli Jackson

    Eli moved to Texas when you were in high school. You remember him because it was a big deal when he bought Handyman from Fred Durrant, whose family had owned it for generations. Originally from "up north somewhere." Not married. No children.

  • Damon KIlmartin

    Honkey in the Woodpile                   Life can be interesting if you’re a three quarters Puerto Rican with an Irish name growing up in a small town like Cooper, TX.  It wasn’t bad for Damon until High School.  A gifted runner, he was a star on …