Who says you can’t go home?

After fifteen years, what’s left of the gang is getting back together for Deana’s wedding. It happens to coincide with the Class of 1998 class reunion. Invitations arrived to both events almost three months ago. If you play your cards right (wrong?) you can make some of both events.

But just receiving the invites, brought back memories. Bryan, Dustin, Damon, Vik and Carrie spent every weekend together from Freshman year through graduation. Times at the party barn in the field between the Moss and Allen properties. Mudding out by Cooper Lake in Carrie’s Suburban Sadie with the hot pink floor mats. Football games. Beers at Webb’s. Cruising up the strip packed in Sadie.

The glory days were cut short when Carrie disappeared during the graduation party. Her older brother took off a few weeks later. And then there were three.

There might be times when we visit the past because the present is pretty weird. Odd things are going on in the world. Newspapers have reported strange diseases, food recalls, and drug reactions. New government agencies have been created and borders are strongly monitored.


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