RP chat session Vik & Rie
background & history
Vik - Game 7

Well, shit, that didn’t work out at all! Damn Damon. What the hell did he think he was doing running after the truck like that? And how in the hell did he even manage it? Argh!! If they had just let me go when I fucking asked to get my car instead arguing with me like they always do, I wouldn’t have had to try and sneak out and I’d probably have Miles back at the house right now. Oh God, and Timothy, please forgive me! I know I should have never run off without Miles to begin with but, I was afraid for myself. I was so scared. I should have come back sooner to get him, too. Now it’s just me and Marcus left of our family. I feel like I have failed my family so bad. At least I know Marcus is on my side and will stick with me – he went right along with my plan to go for Miles. That’s one less worry on my mind for what very little that is worth around here these days.

This weather is awful, and unusual for Texas this time of year. It’s been icing all day and the temperatures are so cold. There is no telling how long it will last and there isn’t much to do in the house; and, we’re back at the Moss’. Hopefully, we won’t flip-flop locations yet again. I just want to stay put. I need to find something to stay busy or I’ll go crazy with guilt over Miles. If I had my winter clothes I’d just walk the short distance to the ranch. So close, but so far.

Vik - Games 4 through 6
Now what?

Today is the second time in a week I’ve come back home, but I am not as pleased about it this time. Still, Cooper may be better than ol’ Camp Maxey where the buildings are fallen’ down on our heads. I ain’t have much time to write, things gotta get done and I don’t know how much time I have to do them. I think I can get Marcus to help, though. I just have to put down some notes so we can remember but I’ve got it jumbled in my head already. We spent two nights there at the base; I think. Maybe three? These nightmare days are runnin’ together, and the nights are worse. We looked over the files on Carrie that Dusty grabbed from Sheriff Case’s office that first day, but it has only confused me. I don’t know what’s goin’ on there, I think Dusty knows more than the rest of us. I’m afraid to ask.

Me, Damon, & Dusty did quite a bit of scoutin’ out the base trying to find a good place to hole up but we found strange things instead. Spiral jewelry in different buildings, weird graffiti on walls and floors (the five angels walking into the fires of hell have really freaked me out, but I refused to cross the floor circles, too), a skeleton left in the morgue with his bandido gear (Damon is not pleased), creepy buildings, and a homeless jumper who screams. It didn’t seem to call any others, thank god. Molly & Marcus cleaned out the officer’s club while we scouted so we’d have a clean place to sleep. The first night was uneventful but we didn’t stay there long. We ended up tracking 2 people dumping bodies at the lake shore the next night, but they weren’t people. They were spider-things in people-suits! It was horrible! One of ‘em got Molly and as we were fightin’ the spiders, that fool of a brother comes chargin’ at me in the dark from the woods. I shot him, but it only grazed him, lucky SOB. We slept, at least rested, that night in what seemed to be an officer’s private home.

This morning, we packed up into the truck to come back to Cooper. We stopped in Powderly so we could get some medicine for Molly – we raided a vet. Better than the nothin’ we had. It was odd coming back to Cooper, though. There were no creatures coming after us, besides the gas station pit stop, and no people anywhere, not even bodies. All the abandoned cars were gone. Just GONE. It was eerie. It wasn’t no better back at the Moss house because Damon’s bike was destroyed, it looks like other bikers did it. We’re holing up in the bed & breakfast for now. I’m watchin’ over Molly right now and the boys are all downstairs trying to fortify the place. I don’t know what we’re going to do long term, but I think a lot of answers lie with the mystery around my friends and the stupid old journal we found. It’s full of superstitions and mumbo-jumbo, but a truth is buried somewhere in there.

Dear Damon’s Diary - 1
The fall of civilization, one bullet at a time.

Bandido’s Bullet Points, vol. 1


· Creating a log of events, because apparently the world decided to end just in time for my 15 year high school reunion.  Good.  Didn’t want to deal with a lot of those horseshit people anyway.  Everyone I cared for in Cooper is either dead or in the car with me.  Anyway, since civilization is going to shit, might as well be a record of it.  At least from a street level perspective, and not some revisionist bullshit government/corporate media controlled bullshit report.


· Dusty’s truck has been modded with bulletproof glass, and the suspension rides low not just from the gear (which appears to be standard issue LE weapons and equipment), but possibly also armor reinforcement in the chassis.  He was also able to get into the Cooper PD database and run prints on the lantern battery we found in the party barn.  I don’t know who he’s with, but dude’s a 5-0.  You’re made, fucker.  It’s all good, though.  We all have a path to walk (or run).  Just wished I’d known sooner.  Could have used him as a character witness at my trial (for all the good that would have done).  It’s like high school all over again.  Dusty and me against the weird, leaping, mouth-frothing football team of the world.


· The prints from the battery belonged to Joaquin.  What in the actual fuck?  First, what the hell is he doing in Cooper?  It’s possible the club could be somehow mixed up with that Tim Vaughn dude’s distribution company and this freaky drug that’s got everyone mutating into herpe frog Gila monsters.  But that wouldn’t be something Prez would keep from me.  We’re road brothers.  Hell, he gave me my kutte, personally.  If he set up a meet with Vaughn in Cooper, it only makes sense he’d bring me along for that, right?  Something isn’t right.  And so help me God if he’s the one that wrote that shit on the party barn walls I’ll carve Carrie’s name in his skull and take his patch myself.


· Had to leave Carrie (the Harley) behind at the Moss place.  Fitting.  After what happened in her room this morning, I have to ask myself why I still carry this damn ring around.  I guess now the world’s gone to shit I can use it to barter.  If we find anyone we can trust.  Not even a day into this shit, and already ambushed by looters.  Hope they get eaten.  If I’d been on my bike, I would have either been shot dead by that asshole or monster chow before that.  A matter of hours, and we’re already reduced to this scavenging shit.  Can’t imagine what it’s like in the big cities that were on the news.  Hope my brothers went into lockdown quickly.  Wonder how many charters made it.


· Vik has an amazing ass.  Must investigate further.  For science.

Apocalypse now!
Holy fuck there's jumping STD zombies!

Where do I start?

I don’t think anyone saw this shit coming.

I mean, Logan was one thing. The ungrateful little shit. He’s lucky I didn’t hit him with the car the way he was talking to me like that. Wouldn’t be the first time an accident happened to some little punk that would end up in prison or strung out on meth. Of course now that we know his father was really importing the fall of humanity I don’t feel so bad about ending that line of procreation.

But Deana…Christ. I didn’t think that anyone we were with would have had that shit. And she kissed me. And Molly kissed me. And then Molly kissed Damon. Are we all infected? Is it just a matter of time before we all have nasty ass gums and start jumping like fleas on a hog? We didn’t even bury her. There’ll be time to grieve later.

I’m wondering if it was a mistake to leave the Moss place, though. It was out of the way and we had a fairly good set up. Two houses to pull from, a good garage to work on vehicles and other things…but hell, the jumping crazy people? I think I panicked and just had to get out of there.

I’m kind of sorry that we couldn’t help Vik’s family, but the reality of the situation isn’t good and there isn’t a lot of room in my truck. Leaving the baby is what hurt, though. These things would have tracked us down and it would have been nothing more than a beacon for the monsters and we wouldn’t have been able to keep it fed. I just hope we won’t see it flying around later. I was sorry I had to shoot the Sheriff. At least I didn’t have to shoot the Deputy, too.

At least the police station was fairly lucrative. But really? Joaquin de Jesus Guzman? Fuck that guy. I’ll put a bullet in his face if he threatens any of us with this bullshit. And because of what he wrote about Carrie. He’s going to wish that he’d stayed in Mexico and died of starvation after having a family of inbred little beanie babies when I get done with him. I’ll deal with Damon if it comes to it.

I hope I can get some time to read over Carrie’s file soon. Fifteen years is a long enough wait. She deserves to have some justice done even if it is the end of the world and we know it.

But what do we do now? We’re at an abandoned base with people already trying to ambush each other rather than trying to stick together and fight this thing, whatever it is. Maybe we can find a bunker to hole up in and get our heads straight.

Vik - Game Three
Hell in a handbasket

There’ll be no wedding ‘cause there is no groom and there is no bride.
There’ll be no class reunion ’cause there are basically no people.

No people. No Cooper.

Not as I know people. People are turning into some sort of jumping monsters and then attack the normal folks. These monsters have teeth like snake fangs, but all the teeth look like that not just the canines. I remember reading an article in the paper about some disease panic going on but I didn’t pay it much mind – is this it? How could THIS, these things, been kept as a secret? Is it a new mutation?

It must have mutated. I remember the reading about the disease, Hepatitis Dubai, is sexually transmitted so I can see how it could spread between Tim, Mitzlee, and Deana but the sheriff has been a widower for years. There’s never been a peep from the mill about him shacking up with a soul. We were there when Deana started falling ill. She was coughing. She probably had a fever, but we kept our distance as she had the same bumps on her nose the sheriff said had been on Tim’s back at the hospital. Then she vomited, a LOT. Next time we saw her she had rows of spikes for teeth, cauliflower mouth, jumped like a nightmare, and tried to kill us! Eat us? Like we saw while at the jail…

No, no. This can’t be the same disease as the paper; this just can’t be real. This makes no sense.

Oh, god. We had to kill Deana, the sheriff, and leave my baby nephew to die or turn. Molly was trying to get herself and my only remaining brother killed over her stupid dog. Why would we go out among the jumpers just to get a dog? Those things are terrifying, so fast and fierce, and I never want to be near another one. This must be some sort of dream or hallucination…

Speaking of dreams, I slept with Damon – oh Rie, forgive me, forgive me! I hope that keeping my promise to you counts for something. None of this is what I expected – but who could?! I thought that after the business with Tim was done and the horror of the new party barn that we would have a nice weekend back together, even if there were only 3/5 of us there. Visiting, running rampant at the reunion like back in the day, catching up, and this time staying in touch once we all went back home.

Back home. Baby Miles is back home. Memories are back home. Horror is back home.

Vik - Game Two
What is going on??

Oh lord, I don’t even know where to begin. Dusty has gone and got his hot head into the thick of things without thinking again, but that’s not to say everything that followed is his fault. I mean, Deana DID have a right to know; maybe Damon got a teeny bit carried away on Tim… maybe…

But I really need to back up. That was just the highlight of the night but there was some super weird shit going on before Mitzlee and Tim.

Ugh, so we’re finally gettin’ to enjoy the delicious barbecue, cold beer, and good company without any drama when we heard 4 gun shots. 1. 2, 3. . 4. The men immediately spring into search mode to find out what in the blue hell is goin’ on, they head out into the woods on foot. Dusty goes for his truck, and of course I follow! Those ol’ hicks wouldn’t allow a woman to follow ‘em and anyway, I think Dusty had the right of it to go in a vehicle. Much safer, and faster, than just stumblin’ ‘round in the dark. We didn’t see anyone or anything that would have prompted or caused the shots.

On our way back to the party, Dusty detoured across the party barn, and it was lit up like a lighthouse on a foggy night when it should have been dark and abandoned. It was chilling and I felt uneasy right away but we had to go in. Why is our spot burning like a torch once we’re in town? It, it was awful on the inside. I managed to keep it together in front of the boys. But on the walls… the walls were covered in graffiti and lies about…; about, … Carrie. I had to leave so I went to sit in Dusty’s truck. It’s safe in there. The guys finally came out of the party barn and we headed back to Deana’s house.

The other men didn’t find anything during their search either, and that was basically the end of the party. Damon and I went back to the [[Deana’s Bed & Breakfast | bed & breakfast]] to get some sleep while Dusty continued his investigation. Because he couldn’t leave well enough alone, he found Tim and Mitzlee about to get it on, in the barn set up for Tim & Deana’s wedding dinner! That fucking bastard! Damon got photos texted to him and we’re back out into the night on Damon’s bike {{I’m surprised Damon’s bike doesn’t have it’s own character page :P}} for Tim to get a good southern talkin’ to. Lord, Damon beat the hell out of Tim! He ended up unconscious which is a very bad thing, I know, and I know I should have checked in on him and all but really the fuck got what he deserved. There’s not much I could do for him out in the middle of the country for him anyway, man needs a hospital.

Since the boys had Tim taken care of, I went off to get my hands on Mitzlee and I found her. Found her laying face down in the barn behind a stack of bales; her dress was shoved up around her waist and pull down below her breasts. I knew I couldn’t mess with the scene, the sheriff would need to see and document everything, but I did look for a pulse. There was none. The only thing I could think of was “Fuck.” I ran out to let Dusty know, and to call 911, and also to keep Deana away. She was on the warpath since she knew by now. I managed to keep her away from the body and keep Mitzlee’s death from Deana by saying I already checked it out. I got Deana dressed and we went “searching” for Mitzlee around town, and shockingly, we didn’t find her. But we did pick up Molly on the way. Thank the lord the coroners and ambulances were gone by the time we got back to Deana’s house so I don’t have to tell her about Mitzlee. I am gonna let the sheriff do that. I’m sure he’s better at it.

It was funny watching Tim get one more beating by Deana before Sheriff Case stopped her half-heartedly. There is some weird shit going on, but mostly I love the people in this little town. Time to get to bed but I don’t know if I can sleep; we’re staying with Deana at her place. Damon took Carrie’s room, Dusty and I are in the living room but he just now got up and left. We all need sleep. I hope tomorrow is a less eventful day.

Dusty - Game Two

A series of gun shots. Was it a lure to get people away from the party? Did the crazy fuck want us to find the lantern in the party barn? I know I didn’t fingerprint the whole thing, but I wanted to make them think that I wouldn’t know who did it, but soon I’ll print the battery on the lantern and then we’ll see who is doing this insanity.

Hopefully we can figure out who it is and why its happening before Damon kills the psycho for scratching his bike. That hot-head is going to get us all in so much shit.

I hate being right about people like Tim. Tom. Whoever the fuck he was.

I couldn’t let that whole thing slide and I just had to tell Deana right then and there, didn’t I? I couldn’t have stayed down there and let Mitzy go on her way before I went in to blow it all up. So now, I have a girl that died then disappeared. But how? Is this crazy fucker really killing people that fast and that bloodless? Did he carry Mitzy off through the woods?

But most important, who are the three that he’s talking about?

Carrie is dead.

Bryan is gone.

Mitzy is dead.

The only ones left that I give a damn about are Damon, Vik and Deana. Oh, and Molly seems pretty cool, too.

Since they only mentioned how many were left after Mitzy died, I would think that she has to be a part of it. That leaves out Damon, Vik and I. I mean, who gives a damn if that bitchacho dies? Well, that sounded cold, didn’t it?

Are they talking about the bridal party? How many bridesmaids were there again? And. Wait, isn’t Vik a bridesmaid? But there were four bridesmaids, though do we know if Lauren is still alive?

Is this psycho Tim’s ex-wife?

Fuck. I better go check on Deana.

Vik - Game one
Together again after 15 years

It was an interesting, I’m not even sure that is the right word, day back at Cooper. Damon and Dusty pulled up to Deana’s house just the same time as I did. Would you believe that Dusty still has his Scout? Oh my lord and he has even added on to it! It looks; well, to each his own. And Damon looks so different! But it’s still him, for sure. I think I like his new look, it suits him really well.

Oh, I just can’t even begin to believe how this day has gone so far. I had to get away for a few minutes just write this down so I can remind myself of all the drama that has gone on already, I don’t think anyone will miss me down at the bbq just yet. It was a quiet afternoon: I got fitted in my bridesmaid dress and then spent a few hours with my boys down at Webb’s bar. Sweet ol’ Molly showed up after a bit and she is still a spitfire; god I love that girl! Sheriff Case came into the bar and that was pretty odd. Nice though, he bought all our drinks. It wasn’t long after that we headed out for the bbq dinner.

It was going well enough before we ran into Deana, poor thing. Damon and Dusty just have no sense sometimes! They harassed the poor girl about Tim’s age and even when you could see how upset she was getting, they wouldn’t stop. I tried to get them to quit but I must have waited too long. Deana didn’t seem to hear my words and the devil twins completely ignored me. I don’t understand why they have to give her such a hard time anyway, if she is happy then just let her be. I mean, we don’t know him and he is much older, but she doesn’t have anyone else to care for her. Why not let her be with Tim? I mean, he has got to be better for her than Mitzlee! What a horrible troll she is. She seems to think she reigns supreme over Deana and only gives lip service to listening to Deana. Mostly Bitchlee goes around being huffy and judgmental at people before they have even done anything to her. She thinks her status in life is much higher than it really is and I hope I’m around when someone pushes her down..

Thankfully, the devil twins decided they should go apologize to Deana. I don’t know what took them so long! We started eating dinner and Dusty spreading his little “jokes” to the guys before heading to the house to talk to Deana. She seemed better after the apology, even with the boys telling her what a bitch Mitzlee has been towards everyone. I guess that is just Mitzlee’s state of being – I’m surprised anyone wants to be around her. I certainly don’t.

Well, gotta head back to the party before anyone misses me. If that’s even possible with how much attention the devil twins draw to themselves.

Dusty - Game One
What the hell am I doing here?

What the hell am I doing here?

I knew bad things were going to happen when I decided to go and let Deana guilt me into being an ‘usher’ with that ‘Family’ bullshit. There was a reason I hadn’t been back to Cooper in all these years and every minute I’m here I remember a hundred more.

It felt weird seeing Vik. I mean, she was always pretty good looking but the girl really did turn into a gorgeous…woman. Seeing someone like that and having them just bounce up and take a hug was just awkward. At least for me. I don’t think she has an awkward bone in her body.

Damon on the other hand. Wow, I thought I took Carrie’s death hard. Someone is looking for some kind of short road to a grave living like that. He’s so quick to fight that I have a feeling that I’m going to have to make the choice between arresting him or forgetting who I work for.

Even though it has been so long, just that time at Webb’s brought a lot of it back and reminded me why we were all so tight.

I thought I would get a more friendly reception from the Sheriff, but I guess that implying that he didn’t do a very good job would ruffle a couple of feathers. But I do wonder why the receptionist clammed up as soon as I mentioned the case file. What does she know?

This wedding thing is not going so well. It went too far with Deana and I’ll blame that on the hours of time spent at the bar and the downright unease I’m feeling at being back in town. With as much as I work I’ve had a hard time relaxing and realizing when I take the jokes too far. The counselor at the station never really had any kind of explanation other than that I work too much and with as serious as our job is, our downtime can be a bit rough if we don’t take enough.

I’ll have to tone it down. I don’t need to piss off everyone before I get a chance to start asking questions at the reunion.


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