Carrie Moss

the popular high school girl with confidence and a soul




The middle Moss child, she flew her peacekeeper flag high when it came to her family and friends. She was the only person that could talk Bryan out of fighting. But she wasn’t always concerned with staying the course. She’d also throw down if she thought it was needed.

Once when some senior girls had Molly Webb cornered in the bathroom, Carrie and Vik came in just in time to hear one of them call Mrs. Webb a dirty slut. Before Molly could react, Carrie dropped her books and grabbed a handful of the older girl’s hair, yanking her head around to face them. Vik, not to be outdone, slammed the other girl into the stall door and connected a few well placed punches. The upperclassmen hobbled out with two black eyes, several contusions, and lacerations. No stitches needed.

The first time Carrie met Vik at dance tryouts back in middle school, she knew they’d be best friends. And she was right. They were known as Frick and Frack in some less popular with the girls circles, as well as Suck & Dick in those less popular with Bryan and the boys.

Dustin and Carrie were always friends it seemed. She just sat down to him one morning in the cafeteria during breakfast in elementary school and told him they were friends. Dusty made a joke (as he does) and she told him that he wasn’t funny. Then she punched him in the shoulder. But that’s life when you’re 8.

Carrie met Damon several times before he became part of the clique. Once he and Dusty started hanging around, it was a done deal. She didn’t tolerate any racist comments unless she or the clique were the ones making them either. IYa’ll were all pretty sure she liked him on and off. Sometimes very off. And even though Damon played it very cool, no one really bought it. I mean really. It was Carrie. Who wouldn’t want to be with her?

Her favorite color was pink. Pink floor mats in Sadie the Suburban, pink cowboy boots (only for special occasions like prom or mucking stalls), pink journal and pink ink pens. But she didn’t like to go overboard.

Her music tastes ranged wildly. In Sadie she’d listen to R Kelley or Ministry or Skynyrd. She would annoy Damon by singing country songs in his ear. She’d do a fake strip tease on the bowling alley karaoke nights while singing Tanya Tucker’s old song You Just Watch Me. It was a very popular number unless Bryan came along. Then she would just sing Delta Dawn instead.

Carrie took care of the house and her sister after her mom left. You never really heard her complain about it much. She did miss her mom though. And with her dad out on oil rigs for a month or so at a time, there wasn’t anyone else to do it.

Carrie Moss

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