Timeline of events and information that we know:


Some papers dated this far back.


Four families from Ireland made a deal with the devil to keep themselves from being hanged for sexual deviancy. He didn’t want to say what. But it sounded like some sort of incest orgy. And this was way back in the 1600s, I think. But that doesn’t explain everything. Travelers, that’s what the Irish call their gypsies, are something more than a nomadic thieving people. Maybe they’re demons. But there are other things besides demons that show up in these woods. But anyhow, the payment the devil took was their first borns. The devil brings them pain. Pain and change and then takes their little souls and whatever makes them human. And then you give them to the Travelers and if we’re lucky, we never see them again.


Handwritten Modest Proposal manuscript dated 1629



Woodcut dated 1703



On the back of the photo: Erin Maisy Caldwell awaiting change 1801



Map of Ireland 1808



1843 Cork County



Yellowed, brittle pages have come loose from the binding. Mold has grown through much of the book. The glue holding the photographs down has lost its battle with age. The only thing keeping it all together it the leather cover.

Medical Study # 37
Began this day June 21, 1848
By my hand Dr. Francis Newman

There seems to be no cure. Families are infected and the offspring not only carry the trait, but also manifest the curse within the first 5 years of birth. These families all share the origin of Ireland and are a generation or more removed from the old country.

However, the old ways have resurfaced. A gypsy tribe that seemed more like characters from a child’s story came to town and put on a carnival. Dark brooding folks, too tall, too hairy. Their fortune teller woman convinced the clans that if they give up their first born child, this curse – for it is so much worse than a disease will be cured. They are smooth talkers. Against my wishes, they were allowed to leave with the Moss boy.

Kilkenny subject is in terrible pain. I ended his suffering with a morphine overdose. May God have mercy on my soul.

Three days after the putting down the Kilkinney child and the Moss boy leaving, the sores and evidence of this terrible disease have cleared up from both families’ members. I took blood samples from them all 13 this very morning and found nothing. No trace of this curse.

Despite everything, the Caldwell child continues to live. Though he must be in terrible pain, he never whimpers or cries from it. The disease has completely eaten away his nose and clouded both eyes. But there is something I do not like in the way he looks at me and I know he cannot see me through the cataracts. When I cut my hand on a broken pipette, he licked his lips and tried to bite me with his sore-ridden mouth. He became aggressive. And I put him down in the same way as the Kilkenny boy. I told the family he passed peacefully in his sleep.

3 days later and the Caldwell clan healed up. There is no scientific reason for this.

Cyrus Webb’s wife Ella murdered their newborn babe in the cradle last night. Webb’s sores are already healing.


Ireland 1900





Cooper 1932



Michael Moss 1944



Katiyah Lubov – DOB est 1935 – Disappears on 9-19-1950
Identified IN COOPER by SSgt Allen Randall from Camp Maxey.


3rd on VHS – approx 1953 Caldwell Girl – Demonstrating how hard they are to kill? No mention of this girl or what happened to her again. Why are some records kept so painstakingly careful and others just have no records or are thrown together


4th on VHS – Webb House – approx 1970 – Master Bedroom Traveler? Worse? Never seen one for myself and hope never to do it. How much more could we learn if they didn’t degrade the film or whatever it is they do. No one wants to study them. They all think I’m crazy. That I’ll get everyone killed. Maybe. But when will this stop? Year and years, generations of feeding the beasts. I’ll never have kids. They can’t make me.


It can be done! Spider removal 1973



Back of the photo reads: Moss, Caldwell, Webb, Kilmartin, Killebrew 1977


Dora Cristine Kilmartin 1977 – Travelers


Typed sheet with this reads: FOUND May 23rd, 1977 Woods on MOSS property Unknown girl. Head detached, but intact. MOVED to TULLEY kitchen where discovered by Rachel Tulley.



Photo dated 1979



Eric Moss – DOB 7-31-1970 – Missing 5-31-1985
Tia Crayton – DOB 9-19-1970 – Missing 5-31-1985
Both girls left a friend’s home for the mall and were to meet a friend, Carissa Vaughn, at Town East Mall. They spent two hours there and then, according to Miss Vaughn, they left with a friend she didn’t know. Neither girls have been seen since.


1988 Dallas Ave – Travelers were here


Strip search warrant issued for Carrie Ann Moss by Larry Newman for contraband


Cassandra “Casey” Laughton – DOB 7-31-1969 – Missing 9-19-1984
Casey departed her family’s residence in San Diego, CA during the morning hours of September 19, 1993 for school. She never arrived. Casey called the family home on April 1, 1994 and again the next day. She did not know where she was, but did say that the man holding her wanted money. In May the family received a 3rd call. Male voice claimed that they would never find her and she had been tasty. Casey’s father claimed the man had a Texas-style accent.


6 April 1998 – Juvenile Detention Order issued for Carrie Ann Moss by WIlliam Duncan Moss for breaking curfew, MIP and .09%

30 May 1998 – Search Warrant issued for William Moss Property by Detective Billy Case for bodily fluid, weapon and crime.

31 May 1998 – Search Warrant issued for Randal Allan Property by Detective Billy Case for bodily fluid, weapon and Carrie Ann Moss.

2 June 1998 – Protective Order issued for Bryan Elliot Moss by Timothy Finn Vaughn for any oral, written or physical contact


Karen Ramsey – DOB 9-19-1997 – Missing 5-31-2012
Last seen at Red Oaks, Ellis TX at 10pm


Bryan Moss – Body found on 4-20-2013….autopsy report confirmed 11-21-2013. Apparently drugs were cause of death. From Delta Funeral Home.


1st – Cork County Orphanage date? Two Travelers caught on film. Most of the footage was ruined and unusable. Had they come for the children? Did all of the children turn at once? Did they taken them before they turned?I wished our ancestors had taken better notes.

2nd- Hidden camera in the Allen house. Why there? Did they try to hide a child there? No date.

5th Traveler location unknown .Hopefully this tape will keep. Maybe there’s someone else who’d want to make it stop instead of letting this curse run on and on forever. How long do our kids have to pay for something they never did?

6th- Documented the change of a baby. Again, no information as to who she was or what happened to her. But you can se the change

7th – Jesus. It’s in the corner. This showed an adult who changed. One of the watchers, next to the camera, gets ripped into before they can put him down. I couldn’t count the number of shots. Film degraded again. No information as to who he was, who’’s in the room, or where they are. Bunch of helpful fucks.

8th – Dustin Caldwell’s room. Little Dusty Caldwell. Laurel Caldwell set up a camera in her son’s room. Patrick took it down the next night and told her there was nothing on it. Was it protecting him? They’d paid the price so he wasn’t going to change. What the hell? Just when I think I understand this crap, something changes the game.

9th – Documented Change of an adult. Suzanne Webb – I can’t watch this.

10th – Documented Change of an adult – Unknown. How could someone this age be in Cooper, be from one of the families, and I not have any idea of who it is? Night vision says it can’t be too old. This is crazy..

11th – Bryan Moss inside OKC high school

Medical diagram or torture guide? No date. Language isn’t anything you’re familiar with.


Photo: Deputy Newman


Dublin Webb


Rose Kilmartin


Thalia Killebrew


Cork Co Orphanage -awaiting change



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