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There were five of you that ran around together: Bryan Moss was two years older, but had been held back a grade, and his sister Carrie. Y’all were extremely tight and may have been considered an exclusive clique or a small gang depending on who you asked. Staying over at the Moss house was always okay because there was no Mrs. Moss and Mr. Moss worked on off-shore oil rigs and was gone a lot. Deana Moss, the little sister, was five years behind you. Everything was peachy until graduation night. Carrie disappeared. There was some blood found, but no body. It’s still an unsolved case. A few months later, Bryan took off and no ones heard from him since. After that you all went your separate ways to become the upstanding people you are today.

About three months ago, you received an invitation to Deana’s wedding with a handwritten note asking you to please come. A few days later an invitation for your 15 year reunion also arrived.


Cooper Gazette – Articles for game history and game current events locally, nationally, and … internationally.

Wedding invitation to Deana Moss and Tim’s wedding.

Webb’s Bar – The local watering hole. You started hanging out here as soon as you could drive.

Deana’s bed & breakfast – Tim bought this side venture to keep Deana busy while he is away on business with his import company, Vaughn’s Imports.

The Moss House – Where the Moss family grew up.

The Party Barn – Where the crew drank their share of beer and did some of their misbehaving.

Camp Maxey – Local military base

Infection Pictures from Sheriff Case – Because they are gross they go on another page

Cooper Business Directory – Probably important places for future use, or ransacking.

Interactive Cooper, TX map.

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Caldwell Family

Case Family

Killebrew Family

Kilmartin Family

Moss Family

Newhart Family

Webb Family

Main Page

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